Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy new year

New year started with 12 hours travel on road on January First, perhaps an indication on what it is going to be in the following months. Its long time I have blogged and I dont want to excuse myself saying that I was busy. I am busy but the spare time I get to use for activities like blogging, I just felt very lazy. After couple of hours of sleep today I am feeling energetic and thought I will write down my thoughts again.

Its long time I wrote, and last 7 months had been exciting. In fact very very exciting. There were tough times, there were interesting conversations, there were jubilant times, and in a nut shell I am quite happy for what I am doing. We are growing, both in the scope of services that we offer and in numbers (employees and revenues). Quite happy to see people use VFC (for Value Function Consulting) as an acronym when I speak to them. I have reconnected with few of my mentors in school and am thankful to all of them for lending advice on the direction we are taking.

New developments on professional and personal front are passion for the renewables. There is quite a market across the world and there is certainly a level of urgency being shown by people across to utilize renewable energy as an alternate source. Its a blessing to have chosen Europe as our market for other players to enter since countries like Sweden are already generating a lot of power through renewables. This throws up a lot of opportunity for technology transfer across countries.

I am planning to visit Oxford some time in March first week or so during my visit to Europe. Wanna refresh my memories, play some cricket if possible and meet with up with few like minded people. I hope that I will become more active in writing things here, after all it can be a good diary down the line for me to recollect what I have been doing......


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