Thursday, December 25, 2008

Keeping it Alive!!!

Its so tough to keep it alive as you can post a lot of stuff during your B-School, but not so much once you start working, because of confidentiality/sensitivity/other crap!!!

Was in Hyderabad couple of weeks back and visited Ramoji Film City. I remember my first post in this blog is when I visited RFC first time. Nothing much changed in the RFC, but Hyderabad has changed a lot, with many flyovers, new multiplexes etc.., Amazing to see the way India is developing, though I have spent enough time in India during the development.

I am thinking of certain things to keep this blog alive!! I am surprised to see there are still regular hits to this blog, which encourages me to blog more and more......Let me take this week to think through and coin something by New Year

Merry Christmas to all the visitors!!!


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