Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reviving the blog

Its a long time that I posted. First of all, belated wishes for the new year to one and all. It was an exciting time for me in UK as I have been meeting many of my class mates and listening to their stories of where they are. Not surprisingly, every one got fantastic jobs and especially got into what they aspired to get into pre-MBA.

I met Seth again couple of days back and I must thank him for his continuous mentoring on me. Its very important for one to have a mentor to ensure that you can discuss the issues that you face at your office.

I wanted to share with you all one of my friends story, which was recently telecasted on NDTV.

Ishant - May your soul Rest in Peace. You are definitely an inspiration for many people.

I am hoping to get some exciting news soon!!! Will touch base soon!!!!


Anonymous Claire said...

I've browsed through websites about MBA at Said Business School and found your blog.
Actually I'm interested in applying into the MBA program at SBS in the near future. I'd be so glad if you can share some of your experience about the application process, life in Oxford and actual classes in SBS with me.
My msn is :
My email is :
[I've looked through your blog and didn't find any contact, maybe I missed it.]

Many thanks in advance.

7:27 AM

Blogger Nagendra said...

Hi Claire

You can reach me on

Good Luck!!


7:31 AM


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