Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If I am Pawan this is how I will handle questions on Chiru

At one point of time people needed air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and shelter to live. Today it may be possible to live with out these, but with out some spicy news on those news channels its hard to live. To this extent, cometh the 14th, the focus will be very largely on what will be Pawan views on PRP and Chiru. This is more important to us than what he will do for us. This is the state of affairs we live in unfortunately. Agenda of last elections in Telangana region only centered around whether part is PRO or Anti T. Honestly, if a party is PRO T or ANTI T, or Pawan's views on Chiru or PRP should matter less and people should focus more on what are the ideologies of a party or Politician.We dont live in Ideal world, so what makes or breaks Pawan is his views on PRP and Chiru.

Whether the statements are positive or negative they will be scrolled, flashed and shown 100s of times by TV Channels. If they are negative, part of Megafans will get angered and they will forget about all the havoc created by Congress and vote for them. So, Congress should pray for that. If there are positive comments, then TV channels will ask views of other non-Cong parties, and most of them will write off Pawan as some one who will support Congress. All in All, Chiru is Congress and Congress is Chiru is what will be depicted though the reality is Cong dont care about Chiru, he is a worker for them and will have his expiry date at some point of time for them.

It is quintessential that a balance should be maintained when press pushed on this question. It is hard to be diplomatic and straight forward at the same time. Chiru and Pawan are two contrasting personalities. Unlike in movies where Chiru portrays Mass roles, be straight forward, and Pawan portraying Class roles, in reality they are exactly opposite, Chiru is very diplomatic and dont want to go into bad books of any one, where as Pawan is more straight forward. So, technically there will be differences in their approach.

The question of differences with Chiru or going and establishing a party can be managed with the below answer:

- "Annayya is part of Congress now, he has to live with certain things because of that. His end goal and my end goal are same, and we have a different approach to achieve that. Whether Bose and Bhagat Singh became rebellions or whether Gandhi took a different approach, the ultimate objective is to make India independent and there is no right or wrong way to approach this. Similarly our goal and objective is to serve people and do what is best needed for them. In this process, I will criticize Congress and its ideologies, but please dont make it as a war between me and Annayya."

Whether this is right or wrong, some Mega fans want to hear it this way, or some media want to hear it this way and nothing wrong to put it that way.

Tailpiece: If Pawan manages this question well, people will attack him on his marriages. So, its all about choosing right devil to answer. People prefer going to corrupted prostitutes who keep changing parties and eat away government/or people's money than some one who has lawfully married multiple women. Amen.


Blogger Lakshman Kumar said...

Very Nice Anna

7:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis Bro!!! Really informative and thought provoking, really doubt if it gets into any one's mind as most of us only want the masala out of everything.

9:24 AM

Anonymous Priya said...

Superb.. Zillion likes :)

11:43 PM


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