Sunday, March 02, 2014

Power Star's entry into Politics

There are speculations that Power Star will enter (or shall we say re-enter after PRP Stuff?) Politics. I have learnt from some of the contacts that I have that it is most likely true. The formal announcement will be made in a week's time, so we can wait for the confirmed news. My views if speculations are true on his entry:

Firstly, I am PRO Pawan entering Politics. People might say he is at his peak of his career and why Politics now? Well in my view, that shows his larger interests and larger commitments and may be he believes his career/or his life forward is else where than movies. I also hope he starts things on his own than endorsing AAP. AAP lacks good governance though there could be honesty. If Pawan teams up with same team that Chiru had during PRP time (which he really hadnt considered after a certain point of time), it will be a good start. By team, I mean likes of Mitra, Anjaneya reddy, and few other IAS and IPS officers.

If Pawan can bring in his energy to motivate people and youth to come into politics that will be a good move. Given the timelines, I think he may be contemplating that he will get his team contest in 20-25 locations (mainly urban places), where the acceptance will be higher for youth and new people. He must have good clarity on what issues they will be fighting for. He may not have solutions but should know what he will be fighting for, and those should not be age-old stuff like Samajika Nyayam, which many people dont even understand.

Some of the shortcomings I see is longevity of his decisions. It may be a big fault to base perceptions based on history, but thats what we have at the moment. I wish he stays back even if he loses or things dont go as per the plan. People will start throwing mud at his personal life, and that is some thing he or his team should just ignore.

All in all, it is a welcoming change to see idealogists coming into politics - be it AAP or LS or PK, and I hope it will do good for AP and T in long run.


Anonymous nanee said...

good column bhayya. Keep writing like this.

2:13 AM


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