Thursday, November 10, 2005

ISB, Oxford done..Next Cambridge!!!!

Phew!!! Its so tiresome to write all the essays and complete the application. It had taken me lot of time to complete ISB and Oxford applications. Now, its time for Cambridge. I am hoping and getting optimistic to complete cambridge application by this week end. Planning to start Queens/SDA Bocconi apps next week. Not sure, how far I can go with them!!!!! Keeping fingers crossed for ISB and Oxford.

Prety happy that India banged srilanka yesterday. 5-1!! No body might have dreamt of this lead from india before the starting of the series. Good to see them knocking back.

Yes Movies!!! Jai Chiranjeeva Audio function is all a mess now and no body knows when the function is gonna happen. As far as I know it is suppose to happen on 12th of this month. Looking forward for the function!!!


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