Friday, March 14, 2014

My response on Nagababu's statement

Nagababu sir gave a statement that Chiru has put golden way for him, Pawan, Aravind, Arjun, Charan and has brought respect to Chiru fans, so himself and Chiru fans will support Chiranjeevi.

While there is nothing wrong in Nagababu being loyal to his brother, I dont understand why/how they are making statements about all Chiru fans. Sir, Fans have become of Chiru because he entertained them. Politics and Movies are two different things all together, and people dont need to idol him in Politics because they like him in movies.

There are 3 parts to this statement:

1. Chiru has put a golden way for him, his brothers and others
2. Chiru has brought respect to his fans
3. Fans will support Chiranjeevi

Golden way is what you define as golden way. If you are talking about doing movies and living under Chiru's shade, yes he has put a golden way. As you told he has just shown the way, meaning he has given that initial introduction of who you are, who Pawan is, to audience. For that reason, you can be loyal, but not when it comes to the matter of self respect. Chiru's life was also driven by some great directors like Kodanda Rami Reddy and Producers like Devi Vara Prasad. When they became outdated Chiru moved on, not giving them further chances. This is as logical as Pawan deciding his own course in Politics. When you are outdated, why would any one need to still follow you?? You get updated and expect this from others.

Chiru bringing respect to FANS is a good statement 5 years back. Now, he is more of a shame than respect. The actions he took in last 5 years has made him lose many fans like me. And the "MEGAFANS" that you quoted today is a very minority now. Lot of people prefer Pawan over Charan or for that matter Chiru.

Fans supporting Chiru is a big joke. Please dont expect fans are people with no brains. Every one will decide what is good. In this case, we are talking about Future of Andhra, Future of our kids and others. We cannot put it in hands of some one who is incapable sir.

Fundemental thing of you making a statement even before Pawan announced some thing shows that you are very insecure. Making a statement that all will follow Chiru before comparing what's Pawan views are, is like saying we are all Sheep and follow Chiru. Good luck sir.


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