Friday, March 14, 2014

POWER speech

POWER is in your conviction, POWER is in your confidence and POWER is in your Sincerity and Honesty, POWER is not in your position and POWER is not in your wealth. If you need a proof of it you should watch the speech again.

There are 2 types of people in the world - Traditionalists and Innovators, and the action of these people can be easily seen in anything.

Traditionalists - They think traditional. They work rather than create some thing. They like routine things to be done. They want a telugu movie with Brahmanandam comedy, 6 songs and 6 fights. They think Government is an external entity and fix their mind that politics cannot be changed, or they have to be done in the traditional way. They never take risk and dont encourage risk takers.

Innovators - They are the ones who think different. They are risk takers and they are radical. They are the ones who create companies like Microsoft, Apple etc..,They are the one who do experimental movies and they are the ones who thrive for change.

Most of the traditionalists would have expected this speech to have - Pawan's explanation of what is this party about, what is his agenda, what is his view on totakoora katta, what is his view on gongura pachadi etc etc.., But, the speech is not given by a traditionalist, and the beauty of innovator is that he thinks and knows better of what a traditionalist need.

From the party launch ordeal today, I have observed the following:

1. Agenda was not mentioned in detail - Do I care? definitely not for 2 reasons - Firstly, this doesnt look like a party launch, it looks more like a revolution against the rulers, and  secondly, the target is not to get into power in 2 months, then why rush the agenda in 2 hours? And if you heard the speech properly - he mentioned the agenda, which is nothing else than good governance and ensuring funds are managed properly, which is what any government is all about
2. It looks like anti congress and pro TDP or Jagan - Mr. Traditionalist, I give a damn about your assumption based on the speech. If you are giving this statement with out any affiliation to any party lets discuss, else shut the ckuf up and go. The speech is about how a common man is thinking today in AP. It is not a political speech where he announced Maha Kutami. He said who he will fight against, for the fight he will join with others, but he wont join with others in terms of ideologies or philosophies
3.  He is talking about the issue that is gone by already - You must be a joker if you think so. If you are thinking that AP-T is the issue you deserve to be in the position you are today. The issue is about effed up Political system today and how politicians are making a mountain of nothing. Today its AP-T, tomorrow it could be another thing. You have to clean it up rather than sleeping by thinking its already gone now.

It has to be hand to hand and eye to eye. Aggression, Compassion, Assertion, Confidence, Knowledge, Analogy - what not!!! You have every thing in the views there. This is not a scripted movie, its what every one in AP will be discussing on "inti arugu" after their dinners in their communities. It is the voice of common man. Way to go!!! will be looking forward for its development as it goes!!!

Jai Janasena! Jai Hind!


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