Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bye Bye Chiru

I dont remember when I became a Chiru fan, the first of movies I remember watching of Chiru are Donga Mogudu, AYAM etc.., As a Kid I am attracted to his dances like most of the Chiru fans you would see. Dance is the best expression of joy as a Kid, and I dont remember how many stages I have gone onto dancing for State Rowdy's 1234 song or AYAM's Merupulaa song at that time. You get addicted to some qualities and you become fan. There ends the story of how you become a fan.

Then, your part of EGO comes in, which wants your Fav HERO to succeed or your Fav Cricketer to score or your Fav people to win all the time. I dont think this is different for any fans. People who are Fanatics are people with high ego or who are emotionally weaker ones who just stick on. I am the one of first category with high ego of wanting Chiru to succeed. Wanting Chiru to succeed is different from liking Chiru only if he is successful. Many wont understand this perhaps. I cannot be a Chiru fan for so many years through his successes and failures if I want to support him only if he is a successful person. So, what is  the difference that Chiru as a hero brought in?

As a egoistic fan I want Chiru to succeed. What matters to me more is whether he himself wants to succeed or not than whether he is successful. Effort is more important than end result. You look at Kohli and Rohit Sharma today, you can easily make out that Kohli is very hunger for success where as you dont see that attitude in Rohit. Same goes for Chiru. He was very hunger for success and that is main reason he was able to re-invent himself so many times when he was done and succeed. If you want to have a role model, you better have one who is hungry for success than who is sedate. Chiru became number one because of his hunger for success.

He left movies and there ends the story. Unfortunately the hunger to succeed was left at that. When PRP was started, I was hell bent that he will succeed due to his hunger. It was painful and frustrating to begin with, later after the merger of the party it started becoming embarassing. Now its irritating the way he is supporting certain things.

If I continue to like CHIRU now, I will be either totally emotional maniac or totall egoistic to support him just for the heck of it. Seriously, If with no hunger, totally submissive attitude if I continue to like Chiru there are 1000s of others that I can like too. There is nothing for Chiru to stand out of the crowd at the moment.

As a Chiru fan, I am totally disappointed to see this, but to put on record AGAIN for all the disappointment and frustration I have already shown on various forums, I am an ex-Chiru fan, ex-PRP supporter, and wont support his activities.

Having said that, if Chiru's hunger returns back I will adore him and support him (wont care if he is in cong at that time or where ever he is). You can call me I am a fan of success, I call myself fan of hunger of success which will eventually lead to success. If you want to be a fan of failure or attempt to fail, god bless and all the best


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