Monday, September 11, 2006

2 weeks to go!!!

2 weeks from now, I will be moving on to Oxford for an exciting 1 year ahead. Looking back, my MBA preparations started more than an year back when I was in US. Things that I can ponder over these period:

June - Cancelled my GMAT in US as I returned back to India well before than I expected
July - I decided not to go for MBA when I came back and planned to do H1
August - Back to square one, decided to go for MBA
September - Researched about schools
October - Taken GMAT and applied to Oxford, ISB
November - Taken Interviews with Oxford and ISB and relaxed a bit
December - Offer from Oxford. But, No Loan from them. Decided against Oxford and applied to as much as 6 US B Schools and attended few of their interviews
January - No Final call from ISB. Nothing much moved on other US B Schools. Extended Oxford deadline as I thought of trying my chances to take a loan here.
Febrauary - A project that CSC was about to bag had brought in flying colors as I was expected to travel onsite for longterm. Decided that I wont go for MBA for another 2 years so that I can become financially stable.
March - No project for CSC. L1 got temperorily rejected. No calls from other US B Schools
April - Decided to go to Oxford. Worked on the loan. Started borrowing my friends. Mobilised all my resources
May - Paid Initial Deposit for Oxford. Loan got approved. Every thing started working out.
June, July & August - Worked on the rest of financial resources and finally paid the complete tuition fees. Got accommodation @ NOOC. Blessed with a baby boy. Got Visa..........

It was a mix bag of yes and no decisions. People had stared at me for few of the decisions that I had taken. Doesnt matter. Here I am now getting ready to board the flight. Go Oxford!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Z said...

Congratulations! Hope to see more updates from Oxford :)

Got here via pg.

4:45 AM


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