Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Finally some news from HSBC...

They are not going to offer loans to 2006 students. This is the mail I got from Mark:

Dear Nagendra,I have been passed your email as I have taken the Professional Studies Loanportfolio over from Ben Proctor.When are you intending to start at Said Business School (SBS)?If it is in 2006, unfortunately we have a problem.The scheme with SBS is under review at the moment and we are not accepitingany applications for funding for 2006/7 as HSBC may be withdrawing from thescheme.I'm sorry if this is bad news for you and wish you every success in findingalternative funding.Regards,Mark.

FUTURE - ???????????????????? Need to see where I will land in. But, gut feel says that I would be in a very good B School with very intellectual brains around


Blogger Chari said...

Man that shuks
Hey naga what was ur profile for GMAT, GPA and experience and which field?

Here is mine
8yrs,690,Oil and Gas ,BS-75% and MS 3.4

Oxford is one on my list...(for fall07)
also can you quickly tell me:
Does Consulting fall under Marketing? or Strategy?

5:00 AM

Blogger Nagendra said...

Hi Chari:

Yes that really sucks..After all I had taken lot of pain to get in there..Lets see if the university does have any back up options..My GMAT is 700, 4.5 years exp by the time classes start for MBA..70% in BTech....

Consulting is STRATEGY and yes this is difficult one to chose... whether marketing itself is strategy is difficult to chose and its better to leave this option for the time of us at school

7:23 PM


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