Wednesday, December 28, 2005

week end and the year end

This week end is going to be very important for me for I need to complete a lot of stuff regarding my applications. Most of the deadlines are hanging around Jan 4th to 10th. Will let all the information flow out once I scubmit to schools about the schools i have applied to and why I have done so. I wanna extend my thanks to Nick Ruehl for submitting recommendation for me to Kellogg. With that only one Reco is due for Kellogg app to be completed.

Last week, I was quite busy discussing about jai Chiranjeeva. Once a mega movie come, it will take out a lot of time from me and of course I enjoy doing so. I am not sure if I can watch next Chiranjeevi movie on first day :-(

Signing off for now..c u all back in week end or the New year


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