Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oxford Loan

Last week was a pretty fast one as I was in my native :-) I was able to catch hold of Mr Nagaraj Rao of SBI who helped me to get an assurance from SBI for a 20 Lakh loan. There lies the catch...Now I am in even more dramatic situation...I will be having 23 Lakhs in my Kitty now taking into account the committments from few of my friends....Need to see if I can make it 32...Though its a long one you never know....

Mean while back in the office, CSC started processing L1 for me for a project that is gonna start next month....situations keep on changing as you can see from my blog.....if I am unable to get money for Oxford shall I defer it and go for a long term onsite oppurtinity so that I can save money?? Huh!!! Tough decisions and a very good padmavyuha to be in....Lets see whats in the offing....

Happy............yes I watched this movie and it looks average for me..and the same is the BO situation...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nags

I have been following up your progress closely since quite some time now here and on PG.
I am also from hyderabad. I also applied to few schools. I have a GMAT 710 and was dinged by ISB :(.
I just had an interview with SBS-Ox. I am hopeful.

I had a query. This is regarding the loan that you are getting from SBI. How much collateral is required? Guarantor issues etc ? I would be really grateful if you can throw some light on this.

Thanks & Regards

9:11 PM

Blogger flyingkolours said...

hi nags! so you're all set to go to oxford?? this is ravi...i'll be going to lse this july..chalo, all the best!!

2:30 AM

Blogger Nagendra said...

Hello Harjinder:

Sorry for replying late..what happened with ur interview?? You can contact me at for mroe information

7:44 AM

Blogger Nagendra said...

Hi Ravi:

C U some time in LSE....

7:44 AM


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