Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What will be exciting for me?

Technology!!! Technology!!! Technology!!! Its every where...10 Years down the line I would definitely like to lead a start up in the technology space. A build up for it starts with my current marketing job. Though services is different from products, there is so much you can learn that you can replicate most of it. I was listening to some of the webinars yesterday about how to be an effective product manager. Its no different from the principles that I learnt during MBA. So what did I learnt during MBA?

Well, a lot. But, a few that I wont miss for life are:

- Convergence (the marriage of telecom, media and technology)
- Entrepreneurship - what it takes to be successful

These 2 struck me a lot and excited me, for which I reason I told I want to lead a tech start up in 5-10 years.