Monday, June 25, 2007

Exams week!!!

Couple of exams to finish off Trinity in this week!!! Will come back after a week to review my entire Oxford experience during the three terms so far!!!

Till then enjoy this solid defense of mine with a game against OUCS (Oxford Uni Computing Services)

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

End of Trinity and Inter College Cricket League

Well, the exams are still left, but the classes are all over on friday. Another 2 weeks and its almost end of my life at Oxford except for a week during september. Its very fast than you will realize that you are done with your MBA. Will be back again into corporate life soon.

Last week had seen my best performance in the season with the ball. My figures were 2/19(8 overs) vs Corpus, 3/8 (3 overs) vs St Catz and 1/25 (8 overs) vs Lincoln in 3 matches that I played in 3 Days. We won 2 out of those 3 which were crucial first eleven matches, but were left in the group at 5th place in the league

Sad thing is that it happened because of rained off matches with comparitively weaker teams than us. In that list, we have beaten Magdalen and Lincoln which are above us. Being in Top 2, we would have been in the first league next year, but given that Linacre was not even in any of these 3 leagues few years back, this is the best performance of our college so far. I was happy with my batting as well scoring crucial 23 runs (N.O) vs Corpus when we were chasing 188 and were down 5 for 128 with 13 odd overs left. I liked that first Six I had hit of the season to won the match when we needed 1 run (a bit of Dhoni style :P)

I captured few pics during the end of the season and here are they:

All these pics are captured during the game I played for Hetairoi against Whitchurch cricket club

Friday, June 08, 2007

Dinner @ Christchurch

Thanks to Rahul, I dined at the famous dining hall at Christchurch yesterday. The ambience was very good and that makes a complete Oxford experience. With just 3 weeks to finish the last term what more could I ask?

I had a solid last week that I have met 3 CEOs :) The first one of Symbian at his guest lecture at the school last week. He was very informal and its good to know how Symbian emerged in the late 90s to what are their plans for the future. The second one was of the firm that I might be joining. Leading a 4000 odd organization, he has a very cool head when I met him at his residence in London. I got to know clearly what the "Tag" besides the name of the firm really mean after meeting him. The third one was in the garage leading a start up which has gone through one phase of funding so far. A pretty Enterepreneurial, ambitious and energetic guy he is.

Cricket season is coming to an end, but I discovered Hetairoi club for which I can play my rest of life for. 8 Assignments in the next week!!! uff!! Let me get back to work!!!!!