Thursday, April 27, 2006

what to do in this 4 months??

Before going for MBA, I wanted to do few things:
1. Learn Driving
2. Learn French
3. Get my Intermediate Cert

..and few other Junk

I am not sure if I can learn french as I have less time to do so...

Mean while,

One of my colleague posted this in our company bulletin board which may be useful if you wanted to search using more than one search engines.

I am looking ahead for the grea clash starting tomorrow in the Tollywood...

Signing off for now..

Monday, April 17, 2006

Why these can't be made Private??

Last week end I was in my Native and have faced the same situations I have been facing since long time..The policemen harassing the public, the Govt employees not responding to your concerns etc.,

The compulsion of wearing a helmet for 2 wheeler drivers has been going on and off for a while. People dont prefer wearing helmets because of 48 Degrees heat. When I was in my native last time, this rule was removed for a bull shit reason. You know what, the police claimed that they were unable to recognise the Naxalites because people are wearing helmets. This statement is, as if they can catch the naxalites by just looking at them which is utter crap. There are a lot of un masked criminals roaming around who are left at no expense by them. Coming to the situation here, the rule of wearing helmets is brought in again with no notice to public. They suddenly started stopping the bikes and collected the fines..You know what, out of some 20 bikes I have seen, 19 bikers havent weared helmets. When some one demanded the explanation for why the rules are not so strict related to having the traffic lights, dividers etc., there is no response from any police.

State bank of India - un doubtedly the largest bank in India. Boy, this should be privatised for hell lot of reasons. The bank was closed at 11:30 itself last Saturday and a lot of customers were aghasted by that. I dont know the funda of each branch of the same bank in the same town having different timings. People were cursing them like anything for not operating properly even after they went for strike and halted operations for a week before. They want me to have an Introducer to open an account there. I think these people still live in some rock and stone age. They should go back to Day Zero and should think of the Introducer of its first customer. The people there are not service oriented and soon they will be counting the chickens.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Why India Can't be No:1 in Cricket??

Here are my observations:

1. Experimentation with the Team: When we are winning, our team will experiment with all the places in the team. Last match team was a classic example. You cant have a pace attack of RP Singh, VRV Singh and Munaf patel who havent played atleast 10 matches to their name. Its always better for us to get one at a time and let them play under seniors so that they can learn. If we win matches we will rest out all the main players and experiement with the team. Dhoni being rested in last match is absurd. How can Dinesk Karthik be motivational if he knows that he will be playing only one match?? Also, I havent seen at any time Australia playing a lousy team like this during their winning streak even against Bangladesh.

2. Maniacs about Heroes: Sachin is a Master. Agreed. but, he is out of form now and he should get out himself. My suggestion is that he should concentrate in one days and get retired from test matches as Jayasurya and Afridi had done. After all his arena, its important for him to get a world cup for India. Sehwag and kaif should be taken away from the team. Recent form is important in any game rather than past history. As long as they keep on playing these out of form guys, others will lose morale.

3. BCCI Politics: Though it doesnt directly reflect anything, it does have a hand to play here. Politics during selections should be avoided.

More over, BCCI is not interested in Cricketing interests of the audience as they handed over the contract to Zee or Sahara. Its horrible to watch any match with these channels as you will miss out 1st and last ball of the over for Advertisements. They should change the way they give contracts and should look into these issues as well.

Monday, April 10, 2006

SBI getting off the Strike - ISB Placements results

It was reported some where that State Bank of India does 50000 Lakh rupees of Transactions every day. Their 6 days Strike had halted almost 3 Billion Rupees worth Transactions in India. Most of the banks had run short of cash. When I was a kid, I heard a short story of how Japanese people do these strikes. I heard that some time back a japan Shoe factory's employees went on for a strike. Rather than stopping the work completely, they have done it differently. They have produced shoes for only left leg. This had made sure that the management came down to get the things done for the workers. Thats the best way of doing strike as far as I see it. The heat of SBI's strike is felt every where and they have called off the strike for good (and of course because of the goodies offered by the Government to them) yesterday. The heat was more on me because my loan with SBI was just getting delayed. I met couple of other banks during this time, but found that the max any other bank offers is 15 Lakhs. Now, I am much more relaxed that they have called off the strike.

ISB had announced the placement results and they were quite astonishing IN NUMBERS. The highest of $ 233,800, it seems was offered by ITC Infotech for a 10+ years exp guy. I am looking for a detailed placement report where in some one like me can check whats in store for 4-5 years exp people. These numbers are always threats that they will carry you away to think big, where its not so big about the college. I look forward for ISB to grow, as an Indian inst having its name on teh world map will definitely make us proud. But, to achieve that they should be much more transparent and should stop the war of announcing the highest salaries in connection to what IIMs do. All the Best to ISB!!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

A tired week end

Last week end was very slow with me getting very bored. Looking forward to get to Oxford ASAP. Got a salary increment which is a good news. Watched Taxi Parts 1,2 and 3 and Sri Ramadasu over the week end.

The estimation of the property had come to 20.5 Lakhs which is slightly over the 20 lakhs loan i require. I need to get back again to Kadapa this week end to complete the formalities to apply for the loan. The heat at Kadapa is scorching and I was sweating all the time I was there.