Monday, June 16, 2008

Where abouts of me now?

Its long time that I had written, and I must really say that the time in B-School was awesome and you have so much that you can write, compared to the position I am in now. I am still with the same company ( :-) ) and will be completing an year next month. I have taken up a new role though, to be Business Manager of France. Will I move to France - May be!!

I thought I will write about Vijay, the ward officer in Pune whom I have interacted with, to get birth certificate of my little one. Contrary to the popular belief and perception that the Government employees are ineffective and are corrupted, I found Vijay extremely good in helping me get birth certificate without any issues in just 1 day. Salaam Vijay!!!!

Our Placement Report has been out and can be found in SBS website. The average is 65K GBP which is the highest so far in any B School history it seems. Its glad to know that my batchmates are placed in good positions all over the world with fantastic salaries.

An year into job, how does MBA helped me? well in one of my earlier posts if I have spoken about some areas which I put into practice, in the last few months, there are certainly other areas which I learnt doing MBA are coming handy!!