Tuesday, November 27, 2007

3 things that I learned during MBA that were useful now!!

Well, last 6 months of the job was a quite an experience in it and I thought to share 3 things which I learned during MBA that are helping me to be more effective in my job.

Networking: Well, this is a huge buzz word among MBAs. But, I can clearly see that I am a better person to engage others in conversation now than I am ever before. How important it is?? Well, I cannot quantify it now, but I am sure will be able to do that very soon when things get going.

Financial Modeling: I always hated finance when I am at school. When I did a modeling recently, I had to go back and check our old slides from the classes that I attend. Surprisingly, Finance is not so bad :-) I could understand it much better when putting it in practise. This will definitely help me going ahead, when I start my own venture.

Outsourcing: Value or Cost!!! which is important is what I learnt from our IBGG classes at school. It definitely helped me so far in looking at things at a broader perspective. Needless to say this will translate to a much better relation with clients. Thank God that I am not confused between outsourcing and offshoring like many others in the industry.

The learnings of Dell assignment are enormous that I use them in most of the activities I do. So what next?? Let me wait and update!!!!!