Tuesday, August 28, 2007

End of SCP

Finally last friday we have presented our findings to Dell. It was a good experience to get a real feel of consulting. The work didn't excite me since its more of strateg (assumptions - ??) than operational issues. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I am more keen on understanding operations of a company than the strategy. I believe strategy is a key, but it in itself will not bring anything, unless one understands how to work it out operationally.

Another 2 weeks and its the end of MBA!!!! One year has gone by just like that. Great learning happened and good amount of relations formed. I will keep continuing the blog to update on whether my job will use my skills that I acquire doing MBA.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Back again!!!!!

After a long gap of unable to update things regularly, I am back now with full access to internet. So whats happening these days??

Trinity results are out and I did managed to pass and get a decent percentage. This leaves just SCP and september session to finish the MBA. I still have a review of Oxford pending and I decided to do it next month once I finish my SCP and september session.

Dell is going good so far and we are planning to present our findings in 3rd week of August. So, some work is still pending on that end.

Played cricket for Hetairoi and looking forward for the match this week end as well. But, its difficult to play by taking long gaps.

On the jobs front, I have heard that many people have received offers off late - Ruzbeh, Sunil, Samuel, Sumit, Saif, Pawan, Sathya etc., Congrats for all of them.

Slough is good and better than Oxford in many terms. Firstly, its close to London and secondly its very cheap. I have been to Eastham last week and I suggest Indians@Oxford to pay a visit to eastham to get some good south Indian authentic food.

Logging off for now!!!