Sunday, December 09, 2007

Back in Slough

Its cold!!! But who cares? I am back in UK for couple of months on an assignment. An initial impression of this assignment tells me that it will be very similar to that of my Dell assignment earlier. Well, it doesn't make life tougher as I have already experienced Dell.

Its a good time to be in UK. All the streets were decorated tremendously for Christmas. I have missed out last time, but will be enjoying the Christmas this time in UK. I was interacting with some of our batch and I am pretty happy that most of them got jobs and are settling down. I am getting most of the queries on admission process etc., I am sorry that I was unable to reply some of the mails as I am caught up with other stuff. I recommend and yahoo groups such as IndiansatOxford for people who are looking to get into Said, as these covered most of the information. Good luck!!!