Monday, May 29, 2006

Have you experienced "The Terminal?"

I was a Tom Hanks last Saturday spending almost 10 Hours at Delhi Airport, ofcourse for a different reason than that had been showed in the movie. But, my experience was horrible. I have been to Delhi on the Oxbridge Scholarship interview and was done with it by 11:00 AM. Being too cautious, I have booked the return flight for 7:50 PM Departure which had wounded me that day like anything. After my interview, I thought of getting to have a look at the India Capital for some time. But, the Delhi's scorching heat had kicked me off and I was almost hitten by a Stroke within short time. Some how I am able to get to a near by PVR Cinema and thought of going to "Davinci Code" movie, but couldnt as the show is scheduled for 4:30 PM which can create some havoc for my return flight.

I thought of going back to airport and relax there a bit. These are my experiences over there:

1. No AC in Airport. There are few fans here and there, all of which are not working though
2. No Seats to sit and relax. I have used one of the trolleys that people used to carry luggage, to relax
3. No restaurent. Only one restaurent available and they have only 'samosas'. But, I cant afford 50rs samosas, as eating one or two samosas can do nothing to my big belly. One thing to be noted is, though low cost carriers came up in India, airports are still under a notion that people who travel by air can pay like anything for even smaller things.

With a lot of difficulty I have spent time till 7 PM and then prepared to board. But, to my agony the flight was further delayed by 2 hrs. I completed a novel, battery was nullified in my laptop, read couple of magazines and then saw myself getting into securtity check finally at 9:30 PM. You know what?? After I had been into security check, the flight was further delayed by another 45 mins. Some how I reached Hyderabad at almost 1:30 PM. This is one hell of the experience to forget.

And ofcourse the interview went well and I need to wait to listen from the committe. I did well, but who knows about the competitors? Need to wait till the fat lady sings.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

MBA in IIMs, Engineering in IITs and Medicine in AIIMS

These are considered as a matter of pride to India till now. But, not any more. With Govt. of India announcing 27% reservations to people of OBC caste in these institutions, I really pity the condition of these institutes and us in our country now. Now 50% of the seats in the country's prestigious institutes are reserved for OBS, SC and ST Caste people, thanks to the corrupted politicians. If you cant change it, better to stay away from it. I certainly feel now that I should stay away from this situation here now. Aaah!!! Right time I am going for an MBA. May be I can settle down in UK if I like the place. I saw a lot of people who got converted to christians just to get that reservations so that it will be easier for them to get in good instutions as well as get good jobs. Now, real damn thing might happen with even more people changing their castes.

These things aside, I am getting ready for the interview in Delhi this week end. I hope to get that scholarship to ease the financing a bit. I am in the verge of completing the Pelican brief, which is a good one from John Grisham. Planning to learn car driving some time in August. Signing off for now.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Davinci Code

Just completed reading this Fiction Thriller. I am really fascinated by the narration which had made me complete this book in just 3 days, which is a great record for me having said that I have nack of losing interest on a book after reading it for some time. Dan Brown is really good as I am able to complete 2 of his novels - Angels & Demons and Davinci Code. Pelican Brief is one another novel by John Grisham which had attracted me and I hope I will complete this book as well. People might be wondering what the heck that I am reading these books now which are very old. I am really really new into this business of reading. I am literally not doing any work in office and need to find a way to past my time for these 4 months till I go for MBA.

Meanwhile, I joined Orkut and u can reach me @ in Orkut. I am looking forward to watch the Davinci Code movie which might release next week in India. People are really nuts in protesting a movie. Religion is Faith and if a movie can shatter that faith, i dont know what to say. Signing off for now....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I am officially in....

After waiting for a lot of time for the growing pound to come down, I decided its time and paid my initial deposit yesterday to Oxford. So, I am officially in now and lot of work is pending from my side before I get to MBA. Need to get a lot of things done before I leave to Oxford. Working on googlepages website as well. Signing off for now.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Goal

I have just completed reading the book "The Goal" by Eliyahu M.Goldratt. I suggest this book to all of them, who are planning to become managers. I am sure that one will get a fresh perspective of looking into a problem once you are done with this book. The book is pretty much straightforward and it speaks a simple truth: "Identify the Core". I use to get annoyed earlier that I was not so productive in the company. But, this book has clarified me on why I am not productive. The terms Throughput, ROI and Cashflow will be there in my mind for ever, for the impression this book has created in me. The way it is told is also amazing. I felt like reading a novel rather than a management book.

I am now reading the book "The Mind of the Strategist" by Kenichi Ohmae. The first chapter I read pretty much tells me on why Japanese are successful. I hope this book will help me to get a good understanding of what kind of questions are to be framed to succeed as a strategist.

Some good news is that I am shortlisted for Oxbridge Scholarship interviews that are to be conducted in Delhi on 27th of May. Let me see how it goes.