Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pune - MBA - Job

Well, I was told a lot of things about Pune before I came here. What I found is it is just one another Indian city, which is growing fast without proper infrastructure. Not sure, when this vast growth of real estate ends, but what ever money you earn, will look like peanuts for sure. After spending an year in UK, and getting used to the life there, I am feeling like going back to UK would be good for me.

Yeah, I might be travelling in 3rd week of November back to UK. Finally the MBA results are out, and I am officially an MBA graduate now. So, the struggle of doing an MBA has ended. Does it?? Not really!!!! I need to repay my debts and see how good my MBA was. Before doing my MBA, I mentioned in my blog that I will update on whats my ROI. I will do that once I pay back teh stuff!!!

So whats happening with the job? Its a mixed bag. Some stuff is exciting and some stuff is boring. But, thats how most of the jobs would be. I am atleast now satisfied that I have options to do what I like rather than being a software junkie.

Why am I not posting regularly? Firstly I became lazy and secondly I became lazy. This month everything is gonna change and I promise myself that I will come back to my normal...i.e. being energetic.

Some one posted a comment on how many Indians and how many jobs in UK etc., etc., Tired of answering this, but for one last time. There were around 60 Indians in our class. By Indians, I mean of Indian origin. And most of them are staying back hunting for jobs. Most part of the class is reasonably placed by now. And as usual, I will say dont worry about these stats. The MBA should prepare you to be the best, it should not make you rely on placement office to get you a job!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Posting after a long time

I certainly missed blogging for a long time now, but neverthless have enjoyed my last week at SBS, a vacation in South India and finally am back to work now.

Last week @ SBS was cool with the new Capstone course. Very late to write about this as the new batch might have already started working on some of the assignments in first place. It was exciting as well as surprising to understand more about Global Warming.

I have been to the Oval match where India trashed England by chasing 316. But, who will remember that after we won T20 WC?? I am very pleasued to start my holiday by watching all the matches of the worldcup.

I have visited Bangalore, Mysore and couple of surrounding places and it was a nice break after a gruelling year's work. I started working in Pune for an MNC as a Marketing Manager. I started working with them in UK in July and will be continuing to do so from Pune from this month. I am hoping to be back ASAP in UK though :-)

Last but not the least, my overall experience of Oxford is pending for quite some time. I will ensure that I will post it ASAP. Put it simply, I will give a rating of 7 out of 10 for my experience in Oxford. Will post soon about Oxford as well as my Post MBA job experience!!!!!