Sunday, February 13, 2005

We went to RFC yesterday. My brother and My wife's sister also joined us. We drove till RFC in bikes. We were already tired by the time we reached there. I have driven to Mount Opera some time back for Shankar Dada Function but havent felt the pinch that time. May be, "Boss daggraki veltunna anandam lo kanabadaledu anukuntaa. " Some how we reached RFC. Ticket price is 200 bucks. Later we went in and it is very hot by the time we crept in.Taken Lunch immediately @ Ganga Jamuna Restaurent inside. They charged 50 Bucks and its not even worth half of it. I think we are ending up spending more for these additional stuff when ever we go out side :-; We went to a stunt Show which is good. Later we went for 2 Tours inside: Backstage tour and Green Tour. In Backstage tour they had shown all shooting spots(Tagore apartments, Balu Song pitchurisation spots etc.,). Its so-so. Green tour is nothing except for the caves. In caves, they have some special attraction where Lord Shiva performs dance. Thats Stunning. Later we went to Fundustan which is the final one. We went to Bora-sera inside which is EXCELLENT and this is one of the best sets I saw so far.

I think 200 bucks is too much for this and may be 100-125 will do.

There was a laughter show inside where a guy who is very short performed a comedy dance with a gal. They were acting as actor and actress in that drama. Some one from back commented that, the pair is like "Balakrishna and Simran" which evoked a lot of laughter over there

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Nothing is still decided on the venue of our Marriage Day celebrations. I am thinking of going to Pragati Resorts or RFC. The sad part of yesterday is that its confirmed that Balu will be removed from Jagadamba even thought it collected around 35 Lakhs Gross in 5 weeks. But, who cares?? After all, All Pawan movies are like that. Boss was sold for 7.1 Crores in Nijam for Maruti Films. Bossaa Mazakaa!!

One funny thing happened yesterday was that I was checking my Credit Card statement and found that around 1200 Bucks were spent on my Card last Monday. I share my card with my wife. I was a bit panic on this and I called my wife asking her on what she had spent on. What I found is that, She thought of giving me a surprise on marriage day with new dress she bought for me. Somehow this was broken now.

Lesson Learnt : Never ever buy a Surprise gift with Credit Card (esp for SW Engrs, since they check statements online every day(since we dont have work :-) )

Monday, February 07, 2005

Now I wanna give a thought to colleges in Australia too. Heard a lot of good things these days on Australian education. Its good for me that I am expanding my span by planning for more colleges. Now I have 4 Colleges with me that I am planning to: ISB, Hyderabad, Oxford(Said Business School), Londo, IMD, Swiss and Queens, Canada. Now, I will be shortlisting other colleges in Australia, Canada and US to prepare a final list. Planning to take GMAT in April-May. Depending on the score, I will apply to the best colleges I can.

Meanwhile, preparations for Celebrations on feb 12 are in the way. Not sure of what I wanna do, But wil ldo something. Anyone can suggest me probably on this. This is our Second Marriage Anniversary and my 24th Birth Day. So, something should be grand...

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I watched Polar Express @ IMAX yesterday. It was such a wonderful experience watching this movie in IMAX that I can say HATS-OFF to the team which had performed visual effects for this movie.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Finally started my Blog

Since longtime I am thinking to start my blog, but due to some reasons, I am holding back. Today finally I started my blog :-) Currently I am preparing for GMAT and ofcourse crazy about movies as always. I have still not short listed on what colleges should I target. Currently only ISB is there in my mind. Probably I will apply for IIM-A. I am planning to take GMAT in April/May. I wanna take decision after looking @ my GMAT score. As of now targetting @ min of 720 so as to have good chances to get scholarship also. As far as movies are concerned, I heard that Bangaram has a very nice subject and it will rock. Looking for it to release on july 24th, the release date of Indra and Toliprema. Sad news is that, I have also heard that Geeta Arts movie with Megastar is not shaping up well. 1985 was not good for Chiru, 1995 was not good for Chiru and 2005 -?? Well I doubt. Bunnys movie is confirmed for Devi it seems and Geeta arts - Chiru movie for Sudarshan 35MM at Hyderabad. Getting more Hyderabadi these days :-)