Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bye Bye Chiru

I dont remember when I became a Chiru fan, the first of movies I remember watching of Chiru are Donga Mogudu, AYAM etc.., As a Kid I am attracted to his dances like most of the Chiru fans you would see. Dance is the best expression of joy as a Kid, and I dont remember how many stages I have gone onto dancing for State Rowdy's 1234 song or AYAM's Merupulaa song at that time. You get addicted to some qualities and you become fan. There ends the story of how you become a fan.

Then, your part of EGO comes in, which wants your Fav HERO to succeed or your Fav Cricketer to score or your Fav people to win all the time. I dont think this is different for any fans. People who are Fanatics are people with high ego or who are emotionally weaker ones who just stick on. I am the one of first category with high ego of wanting Chiru to succeed. Wanting Chiru to succeed is different from liking Chiru only if he is successful. Many wont understand this perhaps. I cannot be a Chiru fan for so many years through his successes and failures if I want to support him only if he is a successful person. So, what is  the difference that Chiru as a hero brought in?

As a egoistic fan I want Chiru to succeed. What matters to me more is whether he himself wants to succeed or not than whether he is successful. Effort is more important than end result. You look at Kohli and Rohit Sharma today, you can easily make out that Kohli is very hunger for success where as you dont see that attitude in Rohit. Same goes for Chiru. He was very hunger for success and that is main reason he was able to re-invent himself so many times when he was done and succeed. If you want to have a role model, you better have one who is hungry for success than who is sedate. Chiru became number one because of his hunger for success.

He left movies and there ends the story. Unfortunately the hunger to succeed was left at that. When PRP was started, I was hell bent that he will succeed due to his hunger. It was painful and frustrating to begin with, later after the merger of the party it started becoming embarassing. Now its irritating the way he is supporting certain things.

If I continue to like CHIRU now, I will be either totally emotional maniac or totall egoistic to support him just for the heck of it. Seriously, If with no hunger, totally submissive attitude if I continue to like Chiru there are 1000s of others that I can like too. There is nothing for Chiru to stand out of the crowd at the moment.

As a Chiru fan, I am totally disappointed to see this, but to put on record AGAIN for all the disappointment and frustration I have already shown on various forums, I am an ex-Chiru fan, ex-PRP supporter, and wont support his activities.

Having said that, if Chiru's hunger returns back I will adore him and support him (wont care if he is in cong at that time or where ever he is). You can call me I am a fan of success, I call myself fan of hunger of success which will eventually lead to success. If you want to be a fan of failure or attempt to fail, god bless and all the best

Friday, March 14, 2014

POWER speech

POWER is in your conviction, POWER is in your confidence and POWER is in your Sincerity and Honesty, POWER is not in your position and POWER is not in your wealth. If you need a proof of it you should watch the speech again.

There are 2 types of people in the world - Traditionalists and Innovators, and the action of these people can be easily seen in anything.

Traditionalists - They think traditional. They work rather than create some thing. They like routine things to be done. They want a telugu movie with Brahmanandam comedy, 6 songs and 6 fights. They think Government is an external entity and fix their mind that politics cannot be changed, or they have to be done in the traditional way. They never take risk and dont encourage risk takers.

Innovators - They are the ones who think different. They are risk takers and they are radical. They are the ones who create companies like Microsoft, Apple etc..,They are the one who do experimental movies and they are the ones who thrive for change.

Most of the traditionalists would have expected this speech to have - Pawan's explanation of what is this party about, what is his agenda, what is his view on totakoora katta, what is his view on gongura pachadi etc etc.., But, the speech is not given by a traditionalist, and the beauty of innovator is that he thinks and knows better of what a traditionalist need.

From the party launch ordeal today, I have observed the following:

1. Agenda was not mentioned in detail - Do I care? definitely not for 2 reasons - Firstly, this doesnt look like a party launch, it looks more like a revolution against the rulers, and  secondly, the target is not to get into power in 2 months, then why rush the agenda in 2 hours? And if you heard the speech properly - he mentioned the agenda, which is nothing else than good governance and ensuring funds are managed properly, which is what any government is all about
2. It looks like anti congress and pro TDP or Jagan - Mr. Traditionalist, I give a damn about your assumption based on the speech. If you are giving this statement with out any affiliation to any party lets discuss, else shut the ckuf up and go. The speech is about how a common man is thinking today in AP. It is not a political speech where he announced Maha Kutami. He said who he will fight against, for the fight he will join with others, but he wont join with others in terms of ideologies or philosophies
3.  He is talking about the issue that is gone by already - You must be a joker if you think so. If you are thinking that AP-T is the issue you deserve to be in the position you are today. The issue is about effed up Political system today and how politicians are making a mountain of nothing. Today its AP-T, tomorrow it could be another thing. You have to clean it up rather than sleeping by thinking its already gone now.

It has to be hand to hand and eye to eye. Aggression, Compassion, Assertion, Confidence, Knowledge, Analogy - what not!!! You have every thing in the views there. This is not a scripted movie, its what every one in AP will be discussing on "inti arugu" after their dinners in their communities. It is the voice of common man. Way to go!!! will be looking forward for its development as it goes!!!

Jai Janasena! Jai Hind!

My response on Nagababu's statement

Nagababu sir gave a statement that Chiru has put golden way for him, Pawan, Aravind, Arjun, Charan and has brought respect to Chiru fans, so himself and Chiru fans will support Chiranjeevi.

While there is nothing wrong in Nagababu being loyal to his brother, I dont understand why/how they are making statements about all Chiru fans. Sir, Fans have become of Chiru because he entertained them. Politics and Movies are two different things all together, and people dont need to idol him in Politics because they like him in movies.

There are 3 parts to this statement:

1. Chiru has put a golden way for him, his brothers and others
2. Chiru has brought respect to his fans
3. Fans will support Chiranjeevi

Golden way is what you define as golden way. If you are talking about doing movies and living under Chiru's shade, yes he has put a golden way. As you told he has just shown the way, meaning he has given that initial introduction of who you are, who Pawan is, to audience. For that reason, you can be loyal, but not when it comes to the matter of self respect. Chiru's life was also driven by some great directors like Kodanda Rami Reddy and Producers like Devi Vara Prasad. When they became outdated Chiru moved on, not giving them further chances. This is as logical as Pawan deciding his own course in Politics. When you are outdated, why would any one need to still follow you?? You get updated and expect this from others.

Chiru bringing respect to FANS is a good statement 5 years back. Now, he is more of a shame than respect. The actions he took in last 5 years has made him lose many fans like me. And the "MEGAFANS" that you quoted today is a very minority now. Lot of people prefer Pawan over Charan or for that matter Chiru.

Fans supporting Chiru is a big joke. Please dont expect fans are people with no brains. Every one will decide what is good. In this case, we are talking about Future of Andhra, Future of our kids and others. We cannot put it in hands of some one who is incapable sir.

Fundemental thing of you making a statement even before Pawan announced some thing shows that you are very insecure. Making a statement that all will follow Chiru before comparing what's Pawan views are, is like saying we are all Sheep and follow Chiru. Good luck sir.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If I am Pawan this is how I will handle questions on Chiru

At one point of time people needed air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and shelter to live. Today it may be possible to live with out these, but with out some spicy news on those news channels its hard to live. To this extent, cometh the 14th, the focus will be very largely on what will be Pawan views on PRP and Chiru. This is more important to us than what he will do for us. This is the state of affairs we live in unfortunately. Agenda of last elections in Telangana region only centered around whether part is PRO or Anti T. Honestly, if a party is PRO T or ANTI T, or Pawan's views on Chiru or PRP should matter less and people should focus more on what are the ideologies of a party or Politician.We dont live in Ideal world, so what makes or breaks Pawan is his views on PRP and Chiru.

Whether the statements are positive or negative they will be scrolled, flashed and shown 100s of times by TV Channels. If they are negative, part of Megafans will get angered and they will forget about all the havoc created by Congress and vote for them. So, Congress should pray for that. If there are positive comments, then TV channels will ask views of other non-Cong parties, and most of them will write off Pawan as some one who will support Congress. All in All, Chiru is Congress and Congress is Chiru is what will be depicted though the reality is Cong dont care about Chiru, he is a worker for them and will have his expiry date at some point of time for them.

It is quintessential that a balance should be maintained when press pushed on this question. It is hard to be diplomatic and straight forward at the same time. Chiru and Pawan are two contrasting personalities. Unlike in movies where Chiru portrays Mass roles, be straight forward, and Pawan portraying Class roles, in reality they are exactly opposite, Chiru is very diplomatic and dont want to go into bad books of any one, where as Pawan is more straight forward. So, technically there will be differences in their approach.

The question of differences with Chiru or going and establishing a party can be managed with the below answer:

- "Annayya is part of Congress now, he has to live with certain things because of that. His end goal and my end goal are same, and we have a different approach to achieve that. Whether Bose and Bhagat Singh became rebellions or whether Gandhi took a different approach, the ultimate objective is to make India independent and there is no right or wrong way to approach this. Similarly our goal and objective is to serve people and do what is best needed for them. In this process, I will criticize Congress and its ideologies, but please dont make it as a war between me and Annayya."

Whether this is right or wrong, some Mega fans want to hear it this way, or some media want to hear it this way and nothing wrong to put it that way.

Tailpiece: If Pawan manages this question well, people will attack him on his marriages. So, its all about choosing right devil to answer. People prefer going to corrupted prostitutes who keep changing parties and eat away government/or people's money than some one who has lawfully married multiple women. Amen.

Monday, March 03, 2014

What should PK do from now till May?

Continuing on the speculation of PK starting a party, here are my views of how he can plan and take it forward:

1. There is hardly a month into elections, so cannot set it up across AP and T any ways, so better stick to say 15-20 constituencies.
2. Please select 3 issues that you will fight on - things that will strike common people - like that of corrupt free rule
3. Choose a team of people from various backgrounds - mainly those ex-IAS and IPS officers used by PRP, whose inputs got into vain
4. Choose 15-20 places which are grouped around urban places - Hyderabad, Vizag, Vja, Guntur, Tirupati, Warangal??
5. Dont get into those places which are polarised by any particular caste - you may get diluted
6. Select people with good background who has awareness of social issues, and who are looking for changing things

With states becoming smaller, even around 5 seats might make a difference in getting things done from ruling government, so you can always play that role and fight for those 3-4 issues you plan to take on.

Rome was not built in a day, this is the biggest test of patience of yours on how long you can survive and fight. As long as you fight people who will support you will keep increasing. Good Luck!!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Power Star's entry into Politics

There are speculations that Power Star will enter (or shall we say re-enter after PRP Stuff?) Politics. I have learnt from some of the contacts that I have that it is most likely true. The formal announcement will be made in a week's time, so we can wait for the confirmed news. My views if speculations are true on his entry:

Firstly, I am PRO Pawan entering Politics. People might say he is at his peak of his career and why Politics now? Well in my view, that shows his larger interests and larger commitments and may be he believes his career/or his life forward is else where than movies. I also hope he starts things on his own than endorsing AAP. AAP lacks good governance though there could be honesty. If Pawan teams up with same team that Chiru had during PRP time (which he really hadnt considered after a certain point of time), it will be a good start. By team, I mean likes of Mitra, Anjaneya reddy, and few other IAS and IPS officers.

If Pawan can bring in his energy to motivate people and youth to come into politics that will be a good move. Given the timelines, I think he may be contemplating that he will get his team contest in 20-25 locations (mainly urban places), where the acceptance will be higher for youth and new people. He must have good clarity on what issues they will be fighting for. He may not have solutions but should know what he will be fighting for, and those should not be age-old stuff like Samajika Nyayam, which many people dont even understand.

Some of the shortcomings I see is longevity of his decisions. It may be a big fault to base perceptions based on history, but thats what we have at the moment. I wish he stays back even if he loses or things dont go as per the plan. People will start throwing mud at his personal life, and that is some thing he or his team should just ignore.

All in all, it is a welcoming change to see idealogists coming into politics - be it AAP or LS or PK, and I hope it will do good for AP and T in long run.