Friday, September 29, 2006

And the Journey begins!!!!!

and here I am posting from Oxford!!!

NOOC is pretty cool for my accommodation for the interesting people that I have met here. I coulnt remember their names from first go, but I have met a North Korean, Couple of Chinese, A German, an Australian, a Srilankan and couple of Indians. We had interesting debates on various topics during dinner in the last 2 days. I am sure my journey wll be more enthralling with these people around.

Went to SBS yesterday and the building is a stand out in Oxford compared to other old buildings. Went to Linacre college and received the welcome kit. There are lot of parties and dinners that I need to attend in coming days :)

Here are some snaps that I had taken when I moved around yesterday.

Is this the Univ Museum?? Hmm it takes time for me to remember these buildings as most of the colleges, museums etc., looks alike with foundations laid some centuries back

Entrance of my College - Linacre

A close up of my college Entrance :D

On the way to SBS from City Centre

This is a very good view of few similar apartments painted in different colors. This is on the way to Banbury road from Univ Museum

Anothee view of my college

Close to City centre

My Dining hall @ NOOC

A Click from University Examination School..Dont know what exactly this building is !!!

This is a street close to my college

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Signing off from Hyderabad

Boarding my flight in another 5 hours. Bye Bye Hyderabad!!!!

Will post next from Oxford :-)

Monday, September 11, 2006

2 weeks to go!!!

2 weeks from now, I will be moving on to Oxford for an exciting 1 year ahead. Looking back, my MBA preparations started more than an year back when I was in US. Things that I can ponder over these period:

June - Cancelled my GMAT in US as I returned back to India well before than I expected
July - I decided not to go for MBA when I came back and planned to do H1
August - Back to square one, decided to go for MBA
September - Researched about schools
October - Taken GMAT and applied to Oxford, ISB
November - Taken Interviews with Oxford and ISB and relaxed a bit
December - Offer from Oxford. But, No Loan from them. Decided against Oxford and applied to as much as 6 US B Schools and attended few of their interviews
January - No Final call from ISB. Nothing much moved on other US B Schools. Extended Oxford deadline as I thought of trying my chances to take a loan here.
Febrauary - A project that CSC was about to bag had brought in flying colors as I was expected to travel onsite for longterm. Decided that I wont go for MBA for another 2 years so that I can become financially stable.
March - No project for CSC. L1 got temperorily rejected. No calls from other US B Schools
April - Decided to go to Oxford. Worked on the loan. Started borrowing my friends. Mobilised all my resources
May - Paid Initial Deposit for Oxford. Loan got approved. Every thing started working out.
June, July & August - Worked on the rest of financial resources and finally paid the complete tuition fees. Got accommodation @ NOOC. Blessed with a baby boy. Got Visa..........

It was a mix bag of yes and no decisions. People had stared at me for few of the decisions that I had taken. Doesnt matter. Here I am now getting ready to board the flight. Go Oxford!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Some times being Lazy helps!!!

I have been running from pole to post since a week to pay my tution fees through SBI. As I have expected they have taken a week to do a telegraphic transfer of my fees (Guess what!! I have done the same in 5 mins thru ICICI when I paid the deposit). The education loan I have taken from them had forced me to do the money transfer from them. But, sometimes being lazy helps. These people have pushed my transfer for a week which had saved me around 75000rs. GBP was @ 89.45 when I first went to them. Today I have transferred money @ 86.76 which is a saving of 2.69rs per pound to me. Finally I had something to smile :)

Driving classes are going fine. Shopping is almost done. Finally I am feeling a bit relaxed as most of the arrangements for my travel on Sep 27th are done. I am going to Mantralayam this week end to visit my aunt as well as to visit Raghavendra Swamy temple.

I had a busy last week with the activities with We have adopted a school at slums near HITEC City and presented an STD booth to a physically challenged person on Pawans birthday i.e Sep 2nd. Photos of the same can be seen @ &

I will share my wonderful experience a lil later as I am busy with few things. Signing off...