Friday, September 05, 2008

France - The first impression

It's been a month that I am in France and the experience has been fantastic. I have been to 4 cities - Paris, Lille, Lyon and Rennes, and some other small towns like Quimper, Brest etc.., and all the places are welcoming, and impressive. I have just started learning French and honestly I should have done it long back. But, with a mandate now I hope I can catch up as soon as possible. I hope I will be able to write a post in this blog in French some time :-)

Paris vs London - A difficult comparison, but I would say Paris has a bit edge for the beauty in the city compared to London, which is more disciplined in the way life goes. I have been loving Brittany region for the people there, who are very helpful. I was told that Bretons has a history of sailing, and so they are more open to foreigners than other parts of the France. I must thank Mr. Darin Beach, who has been helping me set up base for us in France. He has been very helpful in terms of making me understand territory as well as some French here and there.