Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lack of Killer Instinct

Rahul Dravid is really the wall of India. Yesterdays test match was a classic example of India lacking Killer Instinct. Sehwag, Jaffer, Lakhsman had brought India close to victory with India requiring some 6-7 runs per over in the last 17 overs when Dhoni got out. With Yuvraj and Dravid in the crease, it was really awful to see that India hadent gone for a victory. Are they afraid that India cant survive even 17 overs with 6 wickets in hand?? This is where Australia scores against India. And I really say hats off to their killer instinct when it comes to winning matches. They dont do wonders, they simply do things in normal way and have that instinct to win.

I am following a bit of football these days. Argentinas 6-0 win over Serbia (dont remember the name of opponent exactly :)) was the best one I watched so far. I believe Argentina had a fair chance of winning the WC, but Germany played really well in the last match which had made Germany - Argentina Quarters tie a must watch.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Break the High Court Code!!!!!

High Court had given judgement last wednesday to remove a ban on Da Vinci Code and to release it. I went on friday with a lot of anxiety to a theatre where it was supposed to be screened. When I reached there, I saw a lot of Activists doing a protest to ban the movie. The protest was a violent one where in they had broken the counters of the theatre it was about to release. It was a real stupid move that police haden't taken action against them as they were breaking the high court rule which judged that the movie can be screened. More over, more than half of the people there look like illiterates and I really doubt if atleast half of them had read the novel.

Any ways, this had given me a chance to watch Krrish. This is one of the best movies I watched recently with very good technical values. Way to go bollywood for such kind of movies.

On another front, I will be applying visa very soon. Accomodation had become real problem for me. Need to get it straight soon to move onl.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Funnier Rules

I have come across a funny situation today where in one can find out about the way rules are applied in India. I tried to book a ticket to london and I came to know that I cannot book a ticket unless I get my Visa to UK. On Contrary I can book a ticket online on the airways website without having a visa. When I enquired on this with a travel agent, he told me that they cannot book it because of stricter rules now when doing paper work for the ticket.This is one of the worst and funny rules I have come across off late.

The Sabattical policy at our company is even more funnier. I dont wanted to get into the details here as I am not interested to talk about such crappy thing.

On another note, I will be applying to Visa very soon and will be booking my ticket to London for Sep 27th 2006.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Long time and here back I am

My SBI loan is officially sanctioned for 15 Laks and I recieved a sanction letter from them. Now the catch is to arrange the remaining amount. Thats under process any way. Looking to apply to Visa by June end or First half of July. Got very good oppurtinities back at office (if any of these had come before I have paid the deposit, I would have re thought about MBA :)) but left all for MBA.
Was very fed of going to office now as I know that I will be leaving office very soon. Couldn't concentrate much on work. Mean while I am planning to build a full fledged website, but was getting bugged with it too. Any ways I have uploaded this one photo with Powerstar during launch of www.satyagrahi.com


Will come back with more updates soon.....