Thursday, July 27, 2006

Two Apprehensions people have in their mind before starting MBA

Just 2 months now to start my new journey @ Oxford. I believe that one year down the line will be all learning, filled with fun. I met few prospective MBA students recently and they had same apprehensions of what I had an year ago. Recollecting, July last year I was in Kerala, God's own country for a leisure trip. I had thought of not taking an MBA for quite a few reasons at that point of time. But, later I have come across them and here I am.

The major 2 apprehensions that comes into an average Indian's mind during his research are:

1. How are the Placements?? Can I get a Job etc.,

--- This is pretty much the first fear I had in my mind. After paying such a huge fee, what if I am unable to get a job?? I can't statistically comment on this one, but one thing I suggest people who ask me about this is that, its a calculated risk that can be taken. Just think for a while, what will be your career graph if you dont go for an MBA?? Where will you be, say 10 years down the line? Getting a job is a short term struggle which can be taken care of, if this is your worry. Having said that, I believe that getting a job wont be a big hassle as we fear about it. Have belief in yourself. If you can be selected to a Top premiere school with an acceptance rate of 20% or so, if you have say 3-5 years of experience in the industry already, why apprehend on this??

2. Will we able to finance so much of money??

--- This is a question pretty much for people who think of European schools. With the fees and living expenses coming to around 35 Lakhs, one will definitely fear about whether he/she would be able to arrange so much money for MBA. If you follow my blog, I faced this crunch a lot of times, but I was able to get through. It's easy to give up, but dont give up. Yes 35 Lakhs is a big money, but one can arrange it in some way or other once he gets his admission. Remove this apprehension from your mind during your research. Infact I havent applied to LBS because of this apprehension. Dont care about this, you can some how get through this one in due course of time.

All the Best for the people who are applying now for the next year. If you need any help during your research ior preparations, you can reach me @

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Accommodation @ NOOC

My accommodation is fixed @ NOOC during my course @ Oxford. If anyone who is going to Oxford are looking for accommodation, is a good source. Thanks to MSR for providing this lead.

Indian Govt had banned blogs, those who are unable to access blogs, can do it so from, for my blog its

On a personal front, we named baby boy as Tanuj/Nischal. Tanuj will be the official name in the records. Nischal will be the one we call @ home. For my record, I wanted to note down few details of my baby:
Born on 6th July 2006 @ 11:14 AM in Hyderabad, Vishaka Nakshatram 1st Padam, Tula Rasi and Kanya Lagnam - These details are important atleast for the sake of elders who are very particular about these.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

New Arrival!!!

I am blessed with a Baby boy today morning @ 11:14 AM. Some stuff to follow up!!! Catch u later