Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Interview waiver from Kellogg

Kellogg had granted me an interview waiver for they were unable to locate alumni in my area because of the rise in the number of applications this year than they expected. So, everything is done for my Kellogg and Michigan applications. Only the decision is due now. I am yet to hear from other 5 colleges.

I am going to my native tomorrow after a gap of 4 months, which I think is by far the huge gap I had for I use to visit my native every month earlier. Loan options are a bit easing out and now i am 80% confident that I would be able to get a loan for Oxford. Every thing will be sorted out this week end at my native.

Friday, January 20, 2006

a week gap and here back I am

Just freaking out the entire week with Raj who came from US..we went to couple of movies and were just moving around..Not much of news from B Schools..I am travlling to my native next week..Hopefully I will find a loan deal for Oxford.

My take on the IIM B Singapore issue is that Govt should not allow IIM B to set up a campus in Singapore. After all IIM B funds are generated by Govt which means we. Why the hell on the earth will I pay for some one in singapore to do an MBA. Also, firstly IIM B should cater the needs of domestic requirements. There are stil la lot of intellectual people losing out on CAT because of very low hit rate. Probably increasing the number of seats will do good.

I received a lot of mails from lot of junta regarding my reject at ISB. Thanks to one and all for ur wishes. Yes, I bought Nokia 6600 last week.

Signing off for now..

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Submitted my last application Cambridge yesterday and its time to relax...Last 3 months was full of applications, essays, etc., Again next month is gonna start my R2 season...let me see whats in for me

Watched Devdas - a telugu movie yesterday nite...Its not a typical devdas-devdasi movie...Its a watchable movie with some good dances and mass elements included...

Returning my patop, mobile etc., in the office as I moved out of project...Time to get some new stuff :-) Bought a Toshiba laptop for 1176$ with 100GB HDD, 1 GB RAM, Centrino M740 processor, DVD Burner etc., Need to check a good mobile deal and grab it this week end..

Happy Sankranti to every one

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Submitted Tuck

I have submitted Tuck yesterday and will be submitting Cambridge, my final application 2morrow. The waiting season will start for me. But, ISB reject was something in my mind now and I am low on confidence now. Neverthless, good thing that I have already submitted most of the apps by the time its result was out....

Oxford loans!!!! My next target now to get the loans...Sitting idle in office is pretty hard and I have been doing the same since some time. Most of the time in the last 6 months was occupied by my GMAT prep and apps prep. Now I am done and feeling very much bored..

Saturday, January 07, 2006

No call from ISB!!!!!!

I am very much surprised to not receive an admit or wl from ISB...God knows what they are looking at and what I have lacked...No bouncers in the interview either!!!! I dont wanna think about it now...

Submitted Michigan and Yale on thursday and friday..Will be submitting Tuck tomorrow..With this all my applications will be done...Let me check whats in store for me....Either Oxford or one of these colleges...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Submitted Yale!!!

I have sumbitted my Yale application today. Michigan is under way. It should be completed by 2morrow. So I will be left with Tuck to fight on and submit by 12th of the month.

ISB decisions will be out on 7th and so looking to it. I have requested Oxford to extend the deadline and I have got an extension till March 15th to pay the iniial deposit. This is good for me as I have more time now to check for the options.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ross - University of Michigan Interview

I had my interview with Ross - U Mich on Dec 31st in hyderabad with an alumni. Gautam rao was the interviewer. It went well,,,Most of the questions are around my resume only and no bouncers. Almost all the questions were kinda standard..So my 4th Interview with B Schools with standard set of questions...Am I lucky!!!!!

I am very busy these days and have decided on my Final set of Schools..Ofcourse all are for R2:
1. Kellogg - Last Date Jan 6th - Completed and Submitted the application
2. Chicago - Last Date Jan 4th - Completed and Submitted the application
3. Stanford - Last Date Jan 4th - Completed and Submitted the application
4. Michigan - Last Date Jan 7th - Working on essays
5. yale - Last Date Jan 11th - Working on essays
6. Tuck - Last Date Jan 12th - Working on essays

So March 15th-30th of 2006 are going to be very crucial for me will all the results :-)